Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Featured Project #1

Today's Featured project is Smoke Effect. (By me of course)
How did I make it?
I made it using clones.
Why didn't I use stamping?
With stamping I cannot control what the stamps do. I just stamp things on the screen there permanently.
Why does the smoke have effects?
They have many effects, like color, ghost, pixel, etc.
In this case, the most important is ghost effect.
Why are you deleting the clones, I mean, they fade anyway?
Scratch cannot take too many clones, so I have to delete it for the smoke to work long - term


  1. That sounds interesting but what are clones and stamping?

    1. Clones, make a copy of a sprite (A sprite is an item in which you can move and make it say and ask things, like in object oriented programming) and you can change what the clone does, just like a real sprite, but on stamping, it just stays there, you can't do anything.
      Hope this helped!
      Cheers, Codegirl101